Naturally Resourceful

Defining our tagline, Naturally Resourceful

The two words, Naturally Resourceful, serve as the City’s tagline. But what exactly does that mean?

Initially, one might think the tagline describes Savage’s environmental features. While it is true that this city has a wonderful array of rivers, streams, lakes, hills, valleys and wetlands, “Naturally Resourceful” actually is intended to sum up the way in which the City of Savage conducts business and provides services. It also serves as a reminder of the City’s promise to its customers, which is to provide “expert resources and honest communications to advance our community.” In other words, the City is committed to doing what comes naturally and using its resources to effectively and efficiently deliver services.

So, what are those things that come naturally? Staff and leaders at the City possess a sense of honesty, integrity, compassion, teamwork and resourcefulness that ensure the job gets done in a way that considers and weighs the impacts of all those involved. Our Building Department, for example, has highly trained inspectors who will gladly guide do-it-yourselfers through their projects to ensure they meet code the first time. 

And what are those resources that are being used to deliver services? There is a method of operation at the City of Savage whereby employees and officials instinctively call on others to help accomplish a task. It could be a fellow staff member who has a specific skill, or an outside agency that focuses on a particular subject area. By forming progressive partnerships, the City is able to provide services to the community at a cost that is lower than if it had attempted the same project on its own. 

The City of Savage wants your community to be the very best that it can be. To that end, the organization will continue to use its resources and natural abilities to deliver a high level of services that those who live, visit or work here can rely on and afford.