Eagle Creek & Boiling Springs

Tucked in the northwest corner of Savage is a stream that has two unique qualities that distinguish it from other Minnesota River tributaries.

Eagle Creek is home to one of the last remaining self-producing brown trout populations in the metropolitan area.The 3-mile creek flows from the springs at the base of the Minnesota River bluffs and the surrounding area contains a wide variety of rare natural features such as kittentails, boiling springs, and wet meadow and dry prairie communities. 

The Boiling Springs is an environmental phenomenon in which a thin layer of clay forces cool groundwater to bubble or "boil" at the water's surface every few minutes - sometimes with great vigor. The Boiling Springs site is considered sacred by the Mdewakanton Sioux and continues to have spiritual significance today.  

The area is home to a variety of wildlife including beaver, deer, geese, American woodcock, ducks, pheasant, and turkey. During migration as many as 60 different kinds of birds can be seen.  More than 10 species of fish are found in the waters. 

In order to preserve Eagle Creek and Boiling Springs amid development, the City of Savage has worked with the Department of Natural Resources on protective measures. A study was conducted to measure the impacts of development on the creek, followed by policies to minimize those impacts. The protective measures include establishment of a 400 foot wide protective corridor along the creek, special covenants for nearby residential developments, and the planting of native vegetation for the area.