Adopt-A-Park or Adopt-A-Garden

Take pride in your community 

Contribute to the beauty of Savage by volunteering to Adopt-A-Park or Adopt-A-Garden. There are 20 parks throughout Savage, providing recreation, community space and beauty for residents and visitors in any season. To keep our parks and gardens enjoyable for all, we hope that you will consider adopting one near you. 

Volunteers can choose to plant and maintain an annual garden and/or keep a park litter free, and report any vandalism or needed repairs. Volunteers may adopt a park or garden of their choice, providing it has not already been adopted. 

Requirements for Adopt-A-Park: 

  • Visit your park at least 3 times per season 
  • Pick up litter, check for vandalism/damage to the park and report any needed repairs. 
  • Large garbage bags are available for your use at the City Public Works Building. The City will remove the filled trash bags from the park entrances.
  • All volunteers must complete an Adoption Agreement Form

Each Adopt-A-Park area will be marked by a sign to recognize the organization’s cleanup efforts.

Requirements for Adopt-A-Garden: 

  • Plant and maintain (weed/water) one of the flowerbeds located at the entrance sign of the parks. Some parks have more than one sign. You can choose to do one or both.
  • Volunteers are responsible for purchasing the flowers and can turn in receipts for reimbursement up to $50. 
  • All volunteers must complete an Adoption Agreement Form

If you are interested in participating, please call the City of Savage Public Works at 952-224-3400.