Dog Licensing & Owner Responsibility

Current licensing and identification tags increase the chances that your dog will be returned to you if they become lost. The City of Savage requires all dogs age 16 weeks or older to be licensed annually. Cost is $15 per dog license; $10 if spayed or neutered; No charge for service dogs. Licenses may be obtained from the Savage Police Department and some local veterinary clinics. A copy of current rabies vaccination is required with each application. Licenses expire on December 31 of the year issued. Cost is $15 per dog license; $10 if spayed or neutered; no charge for service dogs.

Other Requirements

Animal owners have a responsibility to ensure their pets do not create a nuisance for the rest of the community and are required to comply with ordinances regulating animals in the City.  The following is a summary of the most common animal control regulations:

  • The owner or person in control of an animal is responsible for cleaning up any feces and disposing of it in a sanitary manner whether on their own property, on the property of others, or on public property
  • Animals may not run at large
  • Habitually barking is prohibited and is defined as barking, crying or howling for repeated intervals of at least three (3) minutes with less than one (1) minute of interruption. Such barking must also be audible off of the owner or caretaker’s premises
  • It is unlawful for your pets to cause damage to lawns, gardens, or other property, whether or not the animal owner has knowledge of the damage
  • No more than three dogs and no more than three cats are allowed per household
  • The owner of any animal or person having the custody or control of any animal is responsible for cleaning up any feces of the animal and disposing of such feces in a sanitary manner whether on their own property, on the property of others, or on public property. Any person found in violation may be issued a misdemeanor citation
  • Whenever an animal aggressively approaches or bites any human being or domestic animal, the animal shall immediately be quarantined for at least ten (10) days per City Code
  • Dogs shall not be located in parks unless they are leashed


Resolving an Issue

If you are experiencing problems with a neighborhood animal, the Savage Police Department recommends the following:

  • If comfortable, approach the animal’s owner with your concerns. The owner may not be aware of the problem and may appreciate you showing a sincere interest in solving the  problem together
  • If you are not comfortable approaching the animal’s owner, call the Savage Police Department. The Department’s Code Enforcement Division may be able to help by informing the owner of your concerns, providing a copy of the Animal Control Ordinance, and informing them if they are in violation of the ordinance
  • Call 911 or non-emergency at 952-445-1411 to report animals running loose, animal welfare concerns, lost pets, and other animal related issues