Water & Sewer FAQ's

Faucet Deposits

Occasionally your water system may experience hard water or calcium deposits in your sink basins, shower tiles, or on the faucets. These mineral deposits, although harmless, will build up over time leaving a hard scale substance. These deposits can be cleaned off with a mild scouring pad & vinegar, Lime Away, Simple Green , CLR or other products sold at local retail stores. Follow label directions for best results.

How do I flush my plumbing?

The City of Savage recommends flushing out the home plumbing twice per year, or when water is discolored or carries an unpleasant odor. Please use the following steps:

  1. If the home has a water softener, bypass it temporarily.
  2. Open all cold-water faucets and let run, both inside and outside of the home.
  3. Fill the washing machine and flush all toilets.
  4. Let the water run until it clears, which should take about 5 to 15 minutes. The cost for this should be less than $1.
  5. Turn off all faucets, empty washing machine, and put the softener back in service.

Following the above steps will result in removal of loose sediment from your water system and ensures high quality, fresh water for your home or business.

What hardness is the City water?

Water from the Savage Water Treatment plant is on the average 19 grains hard. Another way to express this is 317 parts per million of total hardness measured as CaCo3. This is moderately hard water.

If your question is not answered here, please call our Public Works Department at 952-224-3440. If you are looking for information specific to utility billing, including automatic payment, please visit Utility Billing.